webmesh tip protectors: Size: 60x76mm, Color: Black

webmesh tip protectors: Size: 60x76mm, Color: Black

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Product Specifications:

Size: 60x76mm

Color: Black

Quantity: 16/bag


Key Features:

  • Designed for Protection: WebMesh Tip Protectors are specifically designed to safeguard medical instruments from damage during sterilization, storage, and handling processes.

  • Compatible with Low-Temp Plasma Sterilization: These protectors are exclusively designed for low-temp plasma sterilization methods, such as Sterrad™ Sterilization, ensuring effective sterilization without compromising the integrity of the instruments.

  • Open Weave Design: The protectors feature an open weave design, allowing for air circulation and proper sterilization while providing excellent protection to the instruments.

  • Various Colors: Available in various colors, making it easy to organize and identify different instrument sets and sizes.

  • Ideal for Endoscopes: Particularly suitable for protecting endoscopes and their accessories during sterilization and storage, ensuring their longevity and effectiveness.

  • Non-Sterile: These protectors are non-sterile and are intended for use in sterilization processes rather than direct patient contact.

  • Latex-Free: Made without natural rubber latex, reducing the risk of allergic reactions for both patients and healthcare professionals.