Helping Great Healthcare Products Reach Canadian Consumers



Sintra MedSupply has a proven track record of sales success for products in the healthcare category in Canada. We set up, manage and drive sales through the various distribution networks,  as we become extensions of our manufacturer partners. Our team of independent sales agents has loyal relationships, significant healthcare sales experience, and strong industry knowledge.


Sintra MedSupply is more than just a sales and distribution company. We educate the sales and marketing teams of all the partners we work with, as well as the end-users. We bridge the gap and streamline communication. This combination has helped us gain credibility with our customers and market share. We currently sell for our manufacturing partners across all 9 Canadian Provinces and 3 Territories.


The most important decisions are made at the beginning of a project. Thoughtful and well-conducted analysis may save organizations considerable expense and shorten product time to market. Determining the opportunities and the optimal strategies requires a comprehensive evaluation, industry experience, and an in-depth understanding of the multitude of factors that impact success.


For many manufacturers that want to enter the Canadian market, start-up and operational costs can be a large and risky investment. With operational expertise in the Canadian market, we have the licenses, enabling us to handle the varied needs of our customers. The experienced professionals at Sintra MedSupply will take care of all of our manufacturing partner needs from Canadian warehousing, customs clearing, order fulfillment, brokerage, freight, and all of your other supply-chain functions so you can focus on product development.


Our expert partners will work with you to design and implement a competitive and cost-effective regulatory and compliance strategy, prepare and submit applications, and serve as your liaison from start to end, helping you to work with regulatory agencies quickly and effectively.