u bag urine specimen collector:  Pediatric (200mL), Sterile, 50/Box

u bag urine specimen collector: Pediatric (200mL), Sterile, 50/Box

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Product Specifications:

  • Description: Pediatric (200mL)
  • Style: 24-Hour
  • Sterility: Sterile
  • Qty: 50/Box


Key Features:

  • Transparent Butterfly Patch: Facilitates easy and accurate application and removal, saving nursing time.
  • Comfortable Design: Compatible and comfortable for both male and female anatomy.
  • Double-Chambered Construction: Prevents urine from contacting the skin, reducing irritation and contamination risk.
  • No-Flow Back Valve: Ensures urine stays away from the skin and prevents contamination of the specimen.
  • Adhesive Patch: Allows for easy sealing of the specimen for lab transport, can be folded for added security.
  • Preemie Size: Ideal for use in NICU with low birth weight infants.
  • Infant-Friendly Design: Tailored for delicate infant skin.


Ideal for collecting urine specimens from preterm infants, ensuring accurate and hygienic sampling for medical testing.