TidiShield Grab N Go Protective Eyewear 9210A-50

TidiShield Grab N Go Protective Eyewear 9210A-50

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Key Features:

  1. Tower Dispenser Compatibility: The tower dispenser can be placed on various surfaces such as shelves, countertops, tables, stands, or carts, providing easy access to eyewear when needed.

  2. Preassembled Design: Each set of eyewear comes preassembled, eliminating the time-consuming process of locating, assembling, and cleaning protective gear, thus promoting compliance with safety protocols.

  3. Gravity-Fed Tower: The gravity-fed tower dispenses eyewear swiftly and reliably, ensuring healthcare professionals can access protective gear without interruption during critical tasks.


  • Optical-Grade Lenses: Designed with optical-grade lenses to provide clear vision and optimal visibility, enhancing precision during medical procedures.

  • Lightweight Frames: Constructed with lightweight frames to ensure comfort during extended wear, reducing fatigue and discomfort for the wearer.

  • Single/Multiple Colors: Available in single or multiple colors, catering to individual preferences and enabling easy identification of eyewear types.


TIDIShield Grab 'n GoTM Eye Shields are excellent for use in healthcare environments when quick access to protective eyewear is required. These preassembled disposable eyewear sets, designed for use by nurses, physicians, and other medical personnel, simplify the process of donning protective gear, assuring compliance with safety rules and increasing overall efficiency in patient care environments.