TIDI Flip 'n Go 7001 - Innovative Eyewear

TIDI Flip 'n Go 7001 - Innovative Eyewear

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.Key Features:

  1. Easy Assembly: The unique proprietary system allows for quick and easy assembly with just one flip, streamlining the setup process and saving time for users.

  2. Efficient Storage: Dispensers store easily and compactly, making them ideal for healthcare settings with limited space. Individually bagged shields fold flat, maximizing storage efficiency.


  • High Demand Adaptability: Due to high demand, the product may be available in single or multiple colors, providing flexibility to suit individual preferences or organizational needs.


Flip 'n Go Eyewear Dispenser Holders are ideal for a variety of healthcare settings, including hospitals, clinics, and medical offices. These holders, designed for easy assembly and storage, provide a practical option for organising and dispensing eyewear shields, improving workflow productivity and increasing compliance with safety rules.