TIDI Curing Light Sleeves 21115: Protection for Dental Equipment

TIDI Curing Light Sleeves 21115: Protection for Dental Equipment

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Key Features:

  • SureCure Window: Provides a customizable fit over curing lights, reducing the risk of contamination.
  • Soft, Rounded Edges: Enhance patient comfort during dental procedures.
  • Minimizes Composite Build-Up: Helps prevent hard-to-remove composite build-up on curing light tip.
  • Individually-Wrapped: Each sleeve is individually wrapped with easy-peel outer wrapping to protect inner sheaths from contamination.
  • Reduces Saliva Exposure: Using covers reduces the risk of saliva exposure to equipment.

- Manufacturer: Ultradent

- Current Light Model: Valo Grand Corded

- UOM: 500 (5 boxes of 100 sleeves)


TIDIShield LED Curing Light Sleeves are developed for the Ultradent Valo Grand Corded Light model. These sleeves, which come in a case of 500 sleeves and are packaged in five boxes of 100 sleeves each, are necessary for protecting dental equipment during treatments. The SureCure Window provides a tailored fit over curing lamps, lowering the danger of contamination. These sleeves are designed with gentle, rounded edges to provide patient comfort. They also reduce composite buildup on the curing light tip, resulting in maximum performance. Each sleeve is individually wrapped in easy-peel outer wrapping, which protects the inner sheaths from contamination. Using these coverings, dental professionals can dramatically limit the danger of saliva exposure to equipment while maintaining cleanliness standards and patient safety during procedures.