Protek Sterile Surgical Probe Cover Kits: Telescopically Folded

Protek Sterile Surgical Probe Cover Kits: Telescopically Folded

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Key Features:

  • Minimizes Cross-Contamination: Ensures a hygienic environment during medical procedures.
  • Protects and Extends Equipment Life: Shields ultrasound probes from damage, prolonging their usability.
  • Reduces Post-Procedure Clean-Up: Streamlines the cleaning process, saving time and effort.
  • Telescopic-Fold Design: Facilitates precise and mess-free gel placement for accurate imaging.
  • Clear Polyethylene: Free from natural rubber latex, enhancing safety for sensitive patients.
  • 3D End Covers: Some variants offer a 3D end for seamless scanning, improving diagnostic accuracy.
  • Sterile for Single-Use: Each kit is sterile and intended for one-time use to ensure patient safety.

- Size: 6"-3" x 96" (15cm-8cm x 244cm)

- Kit Content: Probe cover, 5.5" x 12" PU probe cover, sterile gel, 4 bands

- Packaging: 24/Box


Ideal for medical professionals conducting ultrasound procedures, the Protek Sterile Telescopically Folded Surgical Probe Cover Kits provide comprehensive protection and convenience, enhancing procedural efficiency and patient safety.