Protek Non-Sterile Probe Storage Covers: Protecting Your Probes Safely

Protek Non-Sterile Probe Storage Covers: Protecting Your Probes Safely

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Product Specifications:

  • Size: 4" x 16" (10cm x 41cm)
  • Kit Content: Probe cover
  • Packaging: 100/Dispenser Box; 4/Case


Key Features:

Used After Disinfecting Probe: These covers are designed to be used after disinfecting the probe, providing an additional layer of protection against contamination during medical procedures.

Protects Entire Probe, Including Handle: The covers are large enough to protect the entire probe, including the handle, ensuring comprehensive protection against contamination.

Designated Space for Applying Disinfection Label: Each cover features a designated space for applying a disinfection label, helping healthcare professionals keep track of the probe's cleanliness status.

Clear Polyethylene Material: Made from clear polyethylene, the covers allow for easy visualization of the probe, ensuring optimal visibility for healthcare professionals during procedures.

Non-Sterile, Intended for Single-Use: These covers are non-sterile and intended for single-use only, complying with infection control standards and minimizing the risk of contamination during medical procedures.