patient name card: 208 sheets/pack, 5.75" x 0.75"

patient name card: 208 sheets/pack, 5.75" x 0.75"

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Product Specifications:


  • Quantity: 208 sheets/pack
  • Size: 5.75" x 0.75"
  • Material: High-contrast, archival-quality paper
  • Sterility: Non-sterile


Key Features:

  • Printed on High-Quality Paper: The cards are printed on high-contrast, archival-quality paper, ensuring the clarity and durability of infant footprints.

  • Disposable Plastic Plate: The disposable plastic plate is designed to fit easily in one hand, providing a stable surface for taking footprints.

  • Detailed Footprint Retention: The cards receive and retain every detail of an infant's tiny skin print, capturing the uniqueness of each footprint.

  • Space for Birth Information: Each card includes space for recording pertinent birth information and verifying signatures, ensuring accurate record-keeping.

  • Multiple Print Spaces: There is enough space on each card for two infant footprints and a mother's fingerprint, allowing for comprehensive documentation.

  • Attachment for ID Band: Some forms feature the option to attach the infant's ID band, enhancing patient identification and security.