Safe & Easy Transfers: Patient Carrier Seat for Evac+Chair

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The Patient Carrier Seat is a vital accessory for evacuation plans, designed to assist with the safe and efficient transfer of incapacitated individuals from wheelchairs to Evac+Chairs. This portable device makes it easier for caregivers and bystanders to maneuver patients who are unable to transfer themselves during emergencies.

Key Features:

  • Safe Patient Transfers: Enables smooth and secure movement of patients from wheelchairs to Evac+Chairs.
  • Ideal for Incapacitated Individuals: Provides assistance for those unable to transfer on their own.
  • Portable & Easy to Use: Lightweight and compact design allows for convenient storage and quick deployment.
  • Supports Up to 150kg (330 lbs): Sturdy construction ensures safe handling of patients of various weights.
  • Simple Operation: Requires minimal training for caregivers and bystanders to use effectively.
  • Essential Evacuation Tool: Contributes to a comprehensive and inclusive evacuation plan.