Move™ Nitrile Exam Gloves

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The Move Nitrile Exam Gloves offer unparalleled comfort and flexibility, seamlessly conforming to the wearer's hand movements. These 100% latex-free gloves deliver the same fit, feel, and protection as latex gloves, minus the risk of latex allergies. Designed for high performance, the Move gloves are versatile and suitable for all applications that demand medical-grade hand protection.

Features and Benefits:

  • Lightweight Nitrile Technology: Utilizes lightweight nitrile technology, combining strength and tactile sensitivity for intricate and precise movements.
  • Flexible and Comfortable Fit: Engineered to move effortlessly with the wearer, fostering natural dexterity and ensuring a flexible, comfortable fit.
  • Micro-Textured with Enhanced Fingertip Texturing: Fully micro-textured with enhanced fingertip texturing, ensuring reliable grip when handling small instruments and objects.
  • Exceeds ASTM D6319: Surpasses the current ASTM D6319 standard specification for nitrile examination gloves used in medical applications.
  • Tested Against Chemotherapy Drugs: Rigorously tested according to the ASTM D6978 standard practice, demonstrating resistance to permeation by chemotherapy drugs. Request a list of tested chemotherapy drugs.
  • Tested for Viral Penetration: Tested to ASTM F1671 for viral penetration.

Quantity: CASE/1500 Each