MEDICOM® Peelable Pouches: Custom Sterilization Made Easy

MEDICOM® Peelable Pouches: Custom Sterilization Made Easy

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MEDICOM® Peelable Sterilization Reels: Customizable Solution for Safe Instrument Protection 

Ensure efficient and customized sterilization with MEDICOM® Peelable Sterilization Reels. These versatile reels come in various sizes, allowing you to cut pouches to perfectly fit your instruments. They save time, reduce waste, and offer reliable protection for all your sterilization needs.

Key Features:

  • Customizable Pouch Sizes: Cut-to-length reels create pouches that perfectly fit your instruments, minimizing wasted material.
  • Time-Saving & Cost-Effective: Individual pouches eliminate the need for pre-sized options, saving time and money.
  • Ideal for Specialty Items: Accommodates instruments of various shapes and sizes for versatile use.
  • Medical-Grade Paper: Ensures superior strength and integrity during sterilization.
  • Easy Content Visibility: Blue-tinted, transparent material allows for quick inspection of pouch contents and identification of breaches.