Surgical Gown Kit Plus 2 Hand Towels

Medicom Isolation Gowns: Reliable Protection for Healthcare Settings!

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Product Specifications:

  • Packaging Detail: 50 packages per case
  • Material: AAMI Level 3 Material Only
  • Contents: Sterile surgical gown plus 2 hand towels per package

Key Features:

  • AAMI Level 3 Material: Constructed with AAMI Level 3 material, ensuring high-level protection against fluid and bacterial penetration during surgical procedures.
  • Complete Package: Each package includes a sterile surgical gown along with 2 hand towels, providing everything needed for a surgical setup.
  • Sterile: The surgical gown and hand towels come individually sterilized, ensuring aseptic conditions in the operating room.
  • Generous Packaging: Each case contains 50 packages, offering a sufficient supply for multiple surgical procedures and convenient restocking.
  • Compliant with Standards: Meets the AAMI Level 3 requirements for surgical gowns, ensuring compliance with industry standards.