Empower Foam: Effective Hand Hygiene Solution

Empower Foam: Effective Hand Hygiene Solution

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Product Specifications:

  • EmPower Foam: 24 ounce spray, 12 bottles per case


Key Features:

Foaming Dual-Enzymatic Spray: Breaks down blood, tissue, mucus, and other protein-rich bodily fluids, initiating the pre-cleaning process for instruments with moderate to heavy organic debris.

Ideal for Instruments with Organic Debris: Specifically formulated for instruments with moderate to heavy organic debris, ensuring thorough cleaning and preparation for reprocessing.

Reduced Splashes and Spills: Foaming spray delivery system effectively covers instruments, reducing the risk of splashes and spills during the cleaning process.

Ready-to-Use Convenience: Comes in a convenient sprayer format, ready for immediate use without the need for dilution or preparation, saving time and effort in busy healthcare settings.

Rapid Cleaning Process: Rapidly begins the cleaning process, allowing healthcare professionals to initiate instrument cleaning even in areas where dedicated cleaning facilities are not immediately available.

Suitable for Various Departments: Suitable for use in the operating room, sterile processing department, and other departments where instrument cleaning is not readily available, providing versatile cleaning solutions for healthcare facilities.