Cutimed Sorbion: Advanced Wound Dressing for Effective Healing

Cutimed Sorbion: Advanced Wound Dressing for Effective Healing

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Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Cutimed® Sorbion®
  • Product Name: Cutimed® Sorbion® Wound Dressing
  • Type: Advanced Wound Dressing
  • Exudate Capacity: Moderate to High
  • Wear Time: Up to 4 days
  • Sterility: Sterile
  • Latex: Latex-Free
  • Packaging: Individually wrapped

Key Features:

  • High Absorption Capacity: Quickly absorbs large amounts of exudate, reducing the frequency of dressing changes.
  • Extended Wear Time: Allows for fewer dressing changes, up to 4 days wear time, enhancing patient comfort and reducing healthcare costs.
  • Secure Exudate Locking: Locks exudate within the inner core, even under compression, preventing leakage and maintaining a clean wound environment.
  • Debridement Properties: Gently removes wound debris and reduces the concentration and activity of MMPs, supporting wound healing.
  • Moist Wound Environment: Maintains a moist wound environment by forming a gel, promoting optimal conditions for healing.
  • Adhesive-Free: Does not contain binders or adhesives, minimizing the risk of skin irritation and ensuring tolerance.
  • Tear Strength: Offers high tear strength, reducing the risk of leakage and ensuring dressing integrity.
  • Dual-Sided Application: Can be applied on both sides for added versatility and ease of use.
  • Odor Control: Reduces odor formation, improving patient comfort and confidence.
  • Sterile and Latex-Free: Ensures aseptic application and reduces the risk of allergic reactions, suitable for sensitive patients.