Curity™ Sterile Eye Pad: Comfort & Protection

Curity™ Sterile Eye Pad: Comfort & Protection

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Curity™ Sterile Eye Pads are a versatile and convenient solution for a variety of eye care needs. Whether you need a pad for post-operative care, to absorb discharge from a wound, or to apply medication to the eye, these sterile and absorbent pads offer a comfortable and effective solution.

Product Features:

  • Comfort and Protection for Your Eyes: The Curity™ Sterile Eye Pad is designed to provide both comfort and protection for your eyes. The soft, absorbent inner layer is gentle against the skin, while the non-fraying outer layer helps prevent irritation.

  • Sterile for Safe Use: Each Curity™ Eye Pad is individually sterilized, ensuring a clean and safe application. This is especially important for post-operative care or for wounds where hygiene is critical.

  • Highly Absorbent: The inner layer of the pad is made from a highly absorbent material that effectively wicks away moisture and helps keep the area dry. This can help promote healing and prevent irritation.

  • Ideal Size for Various Needs: Measuring 2.625 inches long by 1.625 inches wide, this eye pad is a convenient size for most adults and children (check for pediatric sizing if applicable). It's suitable for a variety of eye care needs.