CSA Type 3 First Aid Kit: Essential Supplies for Workplaces

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The CSA Type 3 Small Intermediate First Aid Kit provides a comprehensive solution for minor workplace emergencies. By ensuring you are prepared to handle minor injuries, you can promote a safer work environment and foster employee well-being.

Product Features:

  • Complies with Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Type 3 regulations: This first aid kit is suitable for workplaces with low-risk hazards and a close proximity to medical facilities.
  • Prepared for Minor Workplace Emergencies: Contains a variety of bandages, dressings, antiseptic wipes, and other essential medical supplies to treat minor cuts, scrapes, burns, and sprains.
  • Comprehensive Content:
    • Bandages: Assortment of fabric strip bandages, knuckle bandages, patch bandages, and fingertip bandages in various sizes for different wound needs.
    • Wound Care: Gauze pads, compress bandages, and non-adherent pads to manage various wound types and sizes.
    • Cleaning and Sanitizing: Antiseptic wipes and hand wipes for maintaining cleanliness during first aid procedures.
    • Immobilization: Triangular bandage and a flat fold splint for immobilizing sprains and fractures.
    • Additional Supplies: Biohazard bag, disposable gloves, CPR-Aid rescuer device, elastic support bandage, emergency survival blanket, instant cold pack, antibiotic ointment, windlass tourniquet, eye dressing kit, and glucose tablets.
  • Soft Pack Option: Lightweight and portable for easy storage and access.
  • Refill Options Available: Keep your kit stocked with essential supplies.