How Does A Hospital Bed Mattress Help To Prevent Bed Sores?

hospital bed mattress

Elderly patients in long-term care homes are likely to experience bed sores. Selecting a good mattress ensures comfort for patients by offering better healing. It should be easier for regular cleaning, and promote better sleep while preventing bed sores

Body sweat, pressure due to position, and friction between surfaces can make patients suffer from bed sores. Redness, soreness, and itching can make it harder for your patients, especially in the bony areas that are in contact with the bed surface. This is particularly specific for patients who are immobile and are in bed for longer times. 

MedSupply’s Mattresses for hospital bed Canada ensure the comfort of users by alternating pressure. The special designs prevent painful sores in patients making it easier for users and caretakers as well.

Caretakers should consider a few essential features while looking for hospital bed mattresses Canada. 

Pressure redistribution system 

Look for mattresses that distribute the patient's body weight across its entire surface. This will prevent specific, concentrated pressure on body parts like heels, tailbone, and hips. The Drive Medical Med Aire Plus 8" Alternating Pressure and Low Air Loss Mattress System comes with a skin-friendly cover and an emergency deflation CPR valve. Its weight capacity is 450 lbs and it comes with a cover offering fluid-resistant stretch. The 8” air cells offer convenient cleaning as they can be easily disconnected. Besides, it has audio and visual alarms for air pressure and power problem indication. This is a convenient option for caretakers also. Further, the mattress has air-loss features that allow an easy escape of air, keeping it dry for patients

The Drive Medical Gravity 9 Premium Long-Term Care Pressure Redistribution Mattress offers superior comfort through effective pressure redistribution. It comes with a memory foam top layer, a robust edge support, and a sloped heel section for the convenience and comfort of the user. The fluid-resistant nylon top and waterproof vinyl bottom provide ease of cleaning and maintenance for the caretakers.

Hospital bed mattress

Alternating pressure system

Watch out for cutting-edge alternating pressure systems in hospital bed mattresses. You can opt for MedSupply’s Drive Medical Med-Aire Melody Alternating Pressure and Low Air Loss mattress replacement system for friction reduction, pressure redistribution, and microclimate control. The system operates with 20 individual air cells that can be inflated and deflated in a controlled pattern. This alternating pressure prevents ulcers, by relieving constant pressure,  ensuring comfort for patients. Further, the CPR valve provides rapid deflation and there is an integrated system visual alarm that alerts caretakers when the pressure inside is low. The vaporable yet permeable fluid-resistant nylon cover protects the patient's skin from sweat and is easy to maintain for caretakers. Furthermore, the EZ quick lock design ensures a convenient tubing disconnection for the users. 

Reduced friction and shear with the patient's body 

Patient’s in bed for longer durations, can face frictional sense while moving and repositioning in bed. This can wear away the skin tissues leading to bruises or ulcers on the contact points like knees and heels. Opt for the Drive Medical Multi-Ply 6500 Dynamic Elite Pressure Redistribution Foam Mattress for a reduced shear force. This therapeutic mattress works with pressure redistribution and has a multilayer foam composed of 4 layers. The top visco-elastic foam is gel-infused and dissipates a cool dry feel for the user. Thereby it prevents rashes on the skin by capturing moisture and sweat. The dedicated heel section has a special patented LuraQuilt foam that offloads pressure at the heels making it comfortable for patients.

Effective microclimate control

The immediate bed surfaces in contact with the patient's skin have a profound impact on skin hydration. The temperature, humidity, and airflow at the surfaces next to skin influence the skin hydration and is called the microclimate.  It is essential to have microclimate control mattresses for optimal temperature near contact surfaces and for preventing skin ulcer formation. 

The Drive Medical Preservetech™ Harmony "True" Low Air Loss Tri-Therapy System comes with the latest technologies to prevent pressure wounds. It has a microclimate-controlled system, pressure redistribution by alternating pressure therapy with an advanced user-friendly digital power control system. An optimal microclimate control is possible with the high air flow true low air loss system ensuring a comfortable space for patients. The system has audible and visual alarms for air pressure and power outage indication making it easy for caretakers. The system further offers the convenience of handling with quick air cell disconnection, and an EZ lock system for disconnecting the tubing. More importantly,  the polyurethane-coated cover is fluid-resistant, vapor permeable, and antimicrobial preventing the growth of microbes. 

With MedSupply you also have the Dynarex Dynarest Multi-Zone Foam Pressure Mattress and the Dynarex Dynarest Premium Visco-Gel Infused Foam Mattresses. These have pressure redistribution designs to create a healing environment for the patient's body. The visco-gel-infused memory foam offers rapid heat dissipation for patients eliminating heat build-up. The raised foam safety perimeter ensures patient safety by decreasing the risk of falls. 

At Med-Supply we always ensure convenience for caretakers and a safe and comfortable experience for patients.  

Hospital bed mattresses are to be chosen with care. Ensure comfort for your patients and the convenience of handling for the caregivers at your long-term care facilities. Painful bed sores that appear as red, itchy scars on contact points of the patient's body can be an outcome of uninformed choice. Avoid hassles by looking for mattress features like pressure redistribution, alternating pressure, microclimate control, and advanced heel section. 

At MedSupply, we offer an array of hospital bed mattresses that suit a wider range of users. Scroll through MedSupply’s hospital bed mattress product store to find your best fit. 

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