What makes tub transfer benches essential bathroom aids?

Bathroom slips and injuries are a severe problem among aged persons. Among all the other daily activities, bathtime can be a worrying time for many seniors because of the slippery surfaces. Aged individuals and residents with limited mobility can face difficulties in bathing as relying on caretakers for these daily activities curbs their privacy. Bathtubs are hard, and a slip or fall on the bathtub surface can cause serious injuries. 

Seniors with balance issues or weakness in their legs and residents who get tired easily can use tub transfer benches Canada. These removable benches make entering and exiting out of the bathtub easy. Are you wondering about how the process goes? We’ve covered it for you!

Tub transfer benches have a wider seat supported on four sturdy legs that can straddle across the tub wall. They have a supporting handle on one side of the seat and an open end on the other side. Two legs of the tub transfer bench go inside the tub while the other two remain outside. You can make the resident sit on the seat, and they can slide easily in a seated position.  And if you are worried that the bench will slip on a wet surface, rest assured, the four legs have rubber suction cups. These ensure a secure grip even on the wet surface of the bathtub. 

Here we present the Drive Medical Padded tub transfer bench, a blend of safety and comfort. Its durable body comes in corrosion-proof aluminum, supporting a padded seat with drainage holes. These holes are a safety feature and don’t allow water to stay for long on the seat. The four legs have specialty collars for removing legs to adjust the height. The seat is 24.4” by 16” and is 19.8” high from the floor. Further, you get a 16” by 8” backrest and a 5.25” high armrest as added support for seniors while sliding into the bathtub. Each transfer bench can support a weight of 300 lb, and if you are worried about installation, rest assured that it's simple and tool-free.  

Tub transfer bench

At MedSupply, we always strive to provide more options that meet your needs. Hence, we also present you with the Drive Medical Bariatric tub transfer bench with a 500 lb weight capacity. This transfer bench comes in corrosion-free, blow-molded plastic and has a 26.3” by 16” seat with a 19.5” by 12” backrest. The four sturdy, adjustable legs have specialty collars and end up in suction-style tips that add grip on wet surfaces. This user-friendly, easily installable transfer bench comes in a reversible design to fit any bathroom. The 10.3” high armrest is 29.3” high from the floor and provides safer support while transferring in and out of the bathtub. Height adjustment is easy with specialty collars. The item weighs 6.14 lb and comes in two compact sections and retail-friendly packing. Scroll further down to have a look at its physical appearance.

tub transfer bench

You also have the Dynarex Bariatric tub transfer bench with a 500 lb weight capacity. With this heavy capacity, the bariatric tub transfer bench offers a safer and more comfortable experience for large users. Its body has a corrosion-proof aluminum frame and molded plastic with drainage holes to lower slipping risks. It comes in a tool-free, reversible design and can fit any bathroom style. The transfer bench comes in two sections with a weight of 6.14 lb. You can expect a compact, retail-friendly package with a weight of 15.81 lb. 

Are all the products impressive and making it difficult to decide on? We advise you to compare the features of each sliding tub transfer bench and pick the one that aligns with your requirements. We tabulated the product features to make it easier for you.


Drive Medical Padded tub transfer bench

Drive Medical Bariatric tub transfer bench

Dynarex Bariatric tub transfer bench

Weight capacity 

300 lb

500 lb

500 lb


Corrosion-proof aluminum frame and padded seat and back with drain holes

Corrosion-proof aluminum frame and blow-molded plastic seat and back with drain holes

Corrosion-proof aluminum frame and blow-molded plastic seat and back with drain holes

Seat-to-floor height 

19.8” to 23.8”

19” to 23”

19” to 23”

Product weight

4.71 lb

6.14 lb


Case quantity

1 per box

1 per box

1 per box

Are you worried about maintaining and ensuring safety with these tub transfer benches?  Here are the easy tips for safety and protecting the original finish of the tub transfer benches. 

  • Clean the surface with mild soap and then further with warm water. 
  • Always ensure that the four legs are at the same height to prevent falls.
  • The height adjustment push-in snaps on the legs should protrude through the same holes on all leg extensions. After it's locked, push or pull the legs up and down to ensure a secure lock on all leg extensions. 

End note!

Tub transfer benches are essential bathroom aids in making the bathing experience safe and comfortable for seniors. They come in different materials, weight capacities, and reversible designs. Choose the right one based on your requirements and make bathing a safer yet comfortable experience for the residents of your facility. Simply text your message and hit the comment button below. With MedSupply, you are in trusted hands. 

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