A Complete Guide On How Over-bed Tables Enhance Comfort?

Staying in bed for extended periods can be boring, ruining mental peace for seniors. Moreover, depending on caretakers for simple tasks like eating food, reading a book or painting can be difficult. This sort of dependency makes them stand far from hobbies and comfort. You can add comfort to their lives by installing adjustable tables with a stable flat surface on their bedside. Talking to a friend over a video call or eating on the bed becomes easy with these adjustable tables, making their bedside experience comfortable and loving. You may choose from a range of collections from  MedSupply over-bed tables and make it easier for caretakers at your facility. 

All about an over-bed table

Having a peaceful, non-messy mealtime is a crucial thing to look for. An over-bed table has a flat surface that is easy to clean and sanitize. If you are worried about fixing it for usage on the bedside, note that the over-bed table on wheels has adjustable, lockable wheels at the bottom. These tables come in portable designs and can be rolled onto the bed whenever needed. Besides, they have adjustable levers that allow you to adjust the flat top surface according to the required height. 

You can use the durable flat surface to place food trays, books, or tablets. The over-the-bed hospital tables have adjustable levers that allow an inclination as per the requirements of the user. Hence, they can be used for beds and recliners as well. You can keep the refreshments and snacks close by and make the resident's mealtime more pleasant and loving. 

We advise you to choose the tabletop based on your requirements. Suppose if you are looking for over-the-bed tables to place the dinner plates and drink glasses, choose a large table top with supporting cupholders. 

The Drive Medical plastic over-bed tables would be the best fit for this purpose. It comes with an impermeable tabletop, ridged perimeters, and two convenient cupholders. Having an impermeable top makes it easy to clean and maintain hygiene. By doing so, it gives a mess-free experience for the user and caretakers as well. Further, it has an H-base frame for added support and this heavy-duty steel frame can slide beneath the bed. The height of the table top is adjustable between 28.5” and 41.9” as it is equipped with a spring-loaded lock lifting mechanism. This over-bed table has four 2.5” swivel casters for easy movement in the required direction. Further, they have a locking system so that the over-bed table does not move when the resident is enjoying his or her meal. All you need to do is simply slide the H frame to the required position, lift the tabletop, lock the casters, and start using the over-bed table.

With MedSupply, your choices are tailored according to your needs. Look for over-the-bed tables with small tabletop surfaces if you require them to connect medical equipment to monitor the resident’s health. You can also place the medicines that are in regular use on the tabletop. These are specially fit for the medical facilities and long-term care homes that accommodate sick individuals. 

Overbed table

To serve this purpose, you have the Drive Medical non-tilt over-bed table H with a flat, 15”x30” tabletop surface. The spring-loaded lift mechanism allows you to adjust the tabletop between 28” and 45”. Being a caretaker, you can adjust the height according to the individual needs. The base is stable with 1.5” twin wheel casters and also allows easy movement to the desired place. 

You also have the Drive Medical non-tilt overbed tables, that come in a wood-grain low-pressure laminate top. You can adjust the height between 28” and 45”. All you need to do is release the height adjustment handle once the desired height is set up. Releasing the handle ensures a secure lock. These over-bed tables have a 15”x30” tabletop surface and 2” swivel casters. The non-tilted surface ensures a flat tabletop, maximizing the stability of any item placed on its top.

overbed table

With MedSupply, you have plenty of choices. The Dynarex Deluxe Overbed tables come with a U-shaped base to offer maximum stability in locked conditions. The table bears a laminate wood grain finished top surface that matches with Dynarex Med beds adding an attractive look for your facility. With an adjustable height setting it works between 27.7” and 39.7”. You can simply lift the lever to raise or lower the tabletop according to the user’s preference and securely lock it in that position. 

over bed table

The best thing about overbed tables is that they are bifunctional and work for seating and reclined positions also. It’s worth noting that the table top surface needs to be cleaned regularly so, check out the surface of which the over-bed table is made from. We recommend you look for easy to install over the bed tables for a comfortable and simple installation process. 

Further, we also advise you to check out the type of base that the over-bed table you chose bears. It needs to suit well for the bed type at your long-term care home. Although the H- and U-type bases offer maximum stability, they must fit under the bed properly. It's always better to ensure this before making your purchase.  

Below is the detailed table comparing the surface and size features of the few most chosen over-bed tables supplied by MedSupply.


Dynarex Deluxe over-bed table

Drive Medical Non-tilt over-bed table H 

Drive Medical plastic over bed table

Base type

U- shaped, durable steel welded with epoxy powder coat

H-shaped, chrome or opal powder coat

H-shaped, heavy-duty steel welded

Wheel type

Four wheels with secure locks

Four 1.5” swivel caster

Four 2.5” swivel caster

Table top type

Laminate wood

High-pressure laminate

Impermeable plastic

Height adjustment 




Distributed weight capacity

50 lb

50 lb

50 lb

Diverse Functions of Over-bed Table

Over-the-bed tables can be used for eating, reading books, newspapers, and knitting. The purposes that they serve are diverse. Be it the feeding necessities or living life at its fullest by enjoying the comfort; over the bed tables, make it easier for caretakers too. They reduce the user's dependency on caretakers. Hence, the search strategy needs to be effective for an efficient investment and better results at your facility.  

Final words for you!

Over-the-bed tables offer convenience and comfort for residents at long-term care facilities. They have a stable flat surface and make meal times comfortable and less messier. The adjustable height of the stem borne on the stable base offers comfort to the user. Invest judiciously in healthcare facility equipment with MedSupply’s diverse range of over-the-bed tables. 

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