Tidi Everyday Equipment Drapes - 980927: Blue Protective Drapes for Daily Use

Tidi Everyday Equipment Drapes - 980927: Blue Protective Drapes for Daily Use

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Key Features:

1. Tissue/Poly Material: These drapes are crafted from a blend of tissue and polyethylene, ensuring both affordability and durability. The combination provides reliable protection for single-use applications.

2. Strength and Fluid Holdout: Engineered to withstand daily use, these drapes offer superior strength and fluid holdout capabilities. They effectively contain fluids, reducing the risk of contamination and ensuring a clean environment.

3. Heavier, Stronger Tissue: With an emphasis on durability, these drapes feature a heavier and stronger tissue composition. This enhancement further enhances their ability to withstand rigorous use, making them ideal for demanding medical environments.

4. Embossed for Softness: Despite their robust construction, these drapes are embossed to enhance softness. This feature ensures patient comfort during procedures, promoting a positive experience for both patients and healthcare providers.

- Color: Blue

- Dimensions: 40in x 72in

- Unit Quantity: 50


These tissue/poly-backed curtains are ideal for medical facilities, clinics, and healthcare settings, providing cost-effective and functional everyday protection. Their strength, fluid retention, and suppleness make them suitable for a variety of medical operations, tests, and therapies.