TIDI Dental X-Ray Sensor Sheath Covers - 20841

TIDI Dental X-Ray Sensor Sheath Covers - 20841

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Key Features:

  • Custom Fit: Designed to fit over dental X-ray sensors, ensuring a secure and protective barrier.

  • Contamination Reduction: Helps minimize the risk of contamination, maintaining a hygienic environment during procedures.

  • Patient Comfort: Features rounded edges for enhanced patient comfort during X-ray procedures.

  • Easy-peel Outer Wrapping: Each cover comes individually wrapped for convenience and hygiene, allowing for easy application.

- Digital X-Ray Manufacturer: Cygnus Ray Mps

- Size: 1


TIDI Dental X-ray Sensor Sheath Covers are essential accessories for dental practices, providing an effective barrier against contamination during X-ray imaging procedures. With a focus on patient comfort and hygiene, these covers offer peace of mind for both dental professionals and patients alike.