Safe & Fast Evacuation: Essential Rescue Sheet

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The Rescue Sheet is an essential safety tool designed to simplify the evacuation of non-ambulatory patients during emergencies. This innovative sheet discreetly installs under the mattress, providing a quick and secure way to evacuate individuals who cannot move themselves.

Key Features:

  • Fast and Efficient Evacuations: Enables swift and safe transfer of non-ambulatory patients during emergencies.
  • Discreet Under-Mattress Placement: Doesn't interfere with bed making and remains readily accessible when needed.
  • Strong Easy-Slide Material: Facilitates effortless movement of patients across various surfaces.
  • Slip-Resistant Rubber Side Panels: Prevents slipping and ensures patient safety during transfers.
  • Reinforced Cross Straps: Provides added strength and durability for secure evacuation.
  • Multiple Pulling Straps: Allows for easy maneuvering by multiple caregivers.
  • Safe and Secure Buckles: Plastic buckles eliminate the risk of injury and are fully washable.
  • Clear Installation Instructions: Ensures proper placement for optimal functionality.