Prime Plus Bed (Model P2002): Ultimate Comfort & Adjustability

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The Prime Plus Bed Model P2002 is a feature-rich electric bed designed to deliver exceptional comfort, support, and versatility for both patients and caregivers in various healthcare settings. This innovative bed boasts a weight capacity of 1000 lbs. and offers a wide range of adjustability options to promote patient well-being and caregiver ease of use.

Key Features:

  • Electric Adjustability: The easy-to-use hand pendant allows for effortless control of head, foot, and contour positioning, as well as overall bed height, ensuring optimal comfort and pressure relief for patients.
  • Therapeutic Positioning: Features like variable comfort chair, cardiac chair, and Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg positioning (with staff control) provide a variety of therapeutic options to improve circulation, ease discomfort, and aid in specific medical conditions.
  • Enhanced Safety and Security: One-button drop-down padded assist rails, adjustable wall saver, and secure locking casters promote patient safety and prevent accidental injuries.
  • Exceptional Functionality: Built-in width expansion from 39 to 54 accommodates various user needs. The adjustable mattress retainer ensures proper positioning for different mattress lengths (80, 84, or 88).
  • Durable Construction: The all-steel frame and no-sag slat deck construction offer superior strength, durability, and easy cleaning for long-lasting use.


  • Base Width: 37
  • Built-in Width Expansion: 39 to 54
  • Sleep Surface: 80, 84, or 88
  • Height Range: 19 (low) to 32 (high)