Metrizyme: Alkaline-PH Enzymatic Cleaner for Medical Devices

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Product Specifications:

  • MetriZyme 1 quart: 4 bottles per case
  • MetriZyme 1 gallon: 4 bottles per case
  • Recommended Use: Pre-cleaning critical or semi-critical medical devices


Key Features:

Dual-Protease Enzymes: Formulated with dual-protease enzymes for optimal cleaning action on a variety of protein soils, ensuring thorough pre-cleaning of medical devices.

Additional Cleaning Power: Inclusion of surfactants provides additional cleaning on carbohydrates, lipid soils, and protein soils, enhancing the effectiveness of the cleaning process.

Fast and Simple Bodily Fluid Removal: Protein-dissolving enzymes enable fast and simple removal of bodily fluids, facilitating the cleaning of medical instruments that may be challenging to clean manually with traditional detergents.

Recommended for High Organic Debris: Ideal for instruments with the presence of high organic debris, ensuring thorough cleaning even in demanding environments.

Low Foaming: Low foaming formula suitable for both manual and automated reprocessing systems, minimizing the risk of equipment malfunction and ensuring consistent cleaning results.

Gentle on Instruments: Gentle formulation that is non-abrasive and gentle on instruments, preserving their integrity and prolonging their lifespan.

Pleasant Mint Fragrance: Features a pleasant mint fragrance, leaving instruments smelling fresh and clean after each use.


Areas of Use:

  • Operating room
  • Sterile Processing Department
  • Medical instruments meant to be reprocessed
  • Areas where instrument cleaning is not readily available