Plum Solid Color ID Sheet Tape - Surgical Instrument Labeling

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Key Features:

1. Surgical Instrument Identification: The Solid Color Plum ID Sheet Tape aids in the easy identification of surgical instruments throughout processing and use.

2. Flexible Tape: This tape is designed to be flexible, allowing for easy application and adherence to various instrument surfaces.

3. Strong Adhesive: With a strong adhesive backing, the tape securely adheres to instruments, minimizing the risk of detachment during procedures.

4. Non-Sterile: The ID Sheet Tape is non-sterile, suitable for use in non-sterile environments and applications.

5. Latex-Free: Manufactured without natural rubber latex, making it suitable for individuals with latex allergies.

- Quantity/Packaging: Id Sheettape; Solid Color Plum 6.35mm; 1 Sheet; Non-sterile


Ideal for surgical facilities and medical settings, the Solid Color Plum ID Sheet Tape provides a reliable method for identifying instruments, ensuring efficient workflow and organization throughout procedures.