Cutimed® Sorbact® – DACC Antimicrobial Dressing

Cutimed® Sorbact® – DACC Antimicrobial Dressing

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Traditional antimicrobial dressings use harmful chemicals to kill bacteria or fungi, leaving behind bacterial cell debris and endotoxins. This can significantly slow or disrupt the healing cycle. Cutimed® Sorbact® uses no chemical agents, only the physical property of hydrophobic interaction, to safely remove bacteria without cell death or negatively impacting the healing process.


For all unclean, colonized and infected exuding wounds.
• Chronic wounds, such as venous, diabetic or pressure ulcers.
• Postoperative and dehisced wounds.
• Traumatic wounds.
• Wounds after excision of fistulas and abscesses.

• No healing delays due to bacterial death, cell debris or endotoxin release.
• No known bacterial resistance has been described.
• No cytotoxicity.
• No known risk of allergies and no contraindications.
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• Sterile.
• Latex Free.


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