Coverlet® Eye Occlusion Dressing: Comfort & Light Blockage

Coverlet® Eye Occlusion Dressing: Comfort & Light Blockage

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Light sensitivity or need eye therapy? Experience superior comfort with the Coverlet® Eye Occlusion Dressing! This innovative design features a soft, cushioned pad and complete eye coverage for effective light blockage. The non-irritating adhesive ensures a gentle fit, perfect for sensitive skin.

Product Features:

  • Enhanced Comfort During Eye Therapy: The Coverlet® Eye Occlusion Dressing is designed to provide exceptional comfort during eye occlusion therapy. The innovative construction, featuring a soft polyurethane foam base and island wound pad, creates a gentle cushion around the eye for a comfortable wear.

  • Complete Eye Coverage: This dressing ensures complete coverage of the eye, blocking out light for effective therapy. The island wound pad design conforms to the eye area, minimizing light leakage for optimal results.

  • Non-Irritating Adhesive for Easy Removal: The Coverlet® Dressing utilizes a gentle, non-irritating adhesive that allows for easy application and painless removal. This minimizes discomfort and potential skin irritation, especially important for sensitive skin.

  • Latex-Free: Made with latex-free materials, this dressing is suitable for those with latex allergies or sensitivities.