Braided Cotton Rolls: Superior Fit & Absorption for Dental Procedures

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Experience superior performance and patient comfort with Richmond Braided Cotton Rolls. These innovative cotton rolls feature a unique braided design that provides exceptional adaptability, conforming to the buccal curvature and sublingual space for a secure fit and efficient moisture control.

Key Features:

  • Exceptional Fit: The innovative braided design ensures a secure fit that adapts to various patient anatomies, minimizing leakage and disruptions during procedures.
  • Superior Absorption: The rolls boast high absorbency to effectively wick away fluids and blood, maintaining a dry field for optimal visibility.
  • Shape Retention: The braided cotton construction retains its shape even when saturated, reducing the need for frequent roll changes.
  • Gentle on Mucosa: The soft cotton material minimizes friction and irritation, enhancing patient comfort.
  • Easy Removal: The rolls won't stick to mucosa, allowing for painless and convenient removal without rewetting.
  • Available Sterile & Non-Sterile: Choose the option that aligns with your procedural requirements.
  • Multiple Sizes & Diameters: Offered in a variety of lengths (3/4"", 1-1/2"", 4"", 6"") and diameters (Small, Medium, Large) to accommodate different procedures and patient needs.
  • Compatible Dispensers: Pair with autoclavable dispensers (sold separately) for easy access and aseptic dispensing.
  • Made in the USA: Manufactured with commitment to quality and patient safety.