-86 C Ultra Temperature Freezers

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Haier Biomedical has an extensive range of ULT freezers to meet the varied needs of the customers. Sizes from 100L to 059L from 4,800 to 70,000 X 2 ml cryovials.

Choose from our TwinCool, Smart Frequency, or Standard Low Energy freezers, all with environmentally-friendly HC refrigeration, VIP insulation, and microprocessor control with multiple safety alarms, plus many with optional IoT module for real-time monitoring for added peace of mind.

Twincool Dual Compressor Technology

Ultra low-temperature freezers with intelligent Twincool technology offer uses the highest level of protection for valuable samples. If one compressor falls, the second compressor is designed to maintain the temperature at -80 degrees centigrade ensuring sample integrity. 

Salvum Ultimate Smart Frequency

Salvum ultimate intelligent frequency conversion freezers designed with adaptive control, follow user patterns and environmental conditions to adjust the refrigeration system substantially reducing energy without compromising performance. 

Salvum Low Energy

Salvum low energy ultra-low temperature freezers with innovative cabinet design to reduce energy consumption provides reliable performance whilst reducing operational noise. Full range from 100 liters to 828 liters capacities. 

Personal under counter ULT freezers

The DW-86L100J was designed to provide optimal, reliable, and safe storage with low noise output and its configuration allows the unit to be placed on or under a counter to make maximize the use of the space available.