Why should you choose hip high chairs for a long-term care home?


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Aged individuals suffer stability problems and can face falls while changing their posture. Bending down to sit and standing back up can be difficult for them. This is particularly more difficult after undergoing some major surgeries like hip replacement. Over 4,50,000 Americans undergo hip surgeries in a year **. They require a recovery of 3 months and can face aches and pains if they stress their joints. To make it easier for them, add an elevation to the seat than the normal seats so that seniors can sit and stand with comfort.

Hip safe high chairs enable seniors to get on and off with ease. With an elevated seat, these avoid strain on the hip joint allowing residents not to strain their hip joint for bending. With hip high chairs, seniors can simply sit in an upright position and stand up easily without the need for a caretaker. Whether enjoying their lawn time or lounging indoors, seniors won’t have concerns about their seating experience. Let them relax in the cozy corner or enjoy the outdoor gatherings confidently navigating their seating experience.   

Make it easier with MedSupply’s seating products

Using high chairs after hip surgery makes it comfortable for patients as they don’t have to bend down far. More importantly, it makes it easier for caretakers, as the patients can simply lean on the chair to attain the seating position. Caretakers usually take the pressure of helping their patients especially those with limited mobility. However, things will get easier by equipping your facility wisely. Hip safe high chairs are easy to use and reduce the risk of falling. 

For example, the Drive Medical Hip-High chair is specially designed for post-hip surgery residents. These come in an attractive brown-vein finish and contoured armrests, which are easy to maintain. Being comfortable yet durable is their specialty. The arm lies 32” high from the floor and the seat will be 26” from the floor. For caretakers, these are easy to clean as they come in attractive vinyl covering that is durable and water resistant. A single chair can bear a weight of 300 lbs.

At MedSupply, we also have the solid maple hardwood Drive Medical Deluxe hip high chair with three height footrest adjustments. Its ergonomic design ensures comfort for the user by offering maximum comfort. The floor-to-seat height is 26” making it easier for seniors to sit and stand without falling. The footrest comes in three height adjustments at 5.5”, 7.5”, and 9.5” from the floor. The arms have padded support making it comfortable for seniors to stand up and sit down taking support. And for caretakers, the padded seats are washable making it an easy maintenance option. The construction is made of solid maple hardwood making your facility aesthetically pleasing. 

Hip Chair

With Med Supply, the options are diverse. You can also choose the Dynarex hip chair with an adjustable footrest. The ergonomic and durable design makes it an ideal choice for seniors who underwent a recent hip surgery and suffering from arthritic problems. You can adjust the footrest between 5.7” to 10”. 

Are you wondering about the space occupancy and weight features of these products? Don’t worry, as we make it easier by tabulating the details. 


Drive Medical Hip-High chair

Drive Medical Deluxe hip high chair 

Dynarex hip chair with adjustable footrest

Floor-to-arm height




Floor-to-seat height




Floor-to-footrest height


Adjustable at 5.5”, 7.5” and 9.5”

Adjustable between 5.7” to 10”


22” (W) x 40.75”(H) x 29”(D)

24” (W) x 40”(H) x 25”(D)

25” (W) x 31.5”(H) x 25.4”(D)

Width between arms




Weight capacity




Hip high chair weight





Brown vein finish with soft vinyl seat

Solid maple hardwood with soft vinyl seat and backrest

Hardwood color body with soft vinyl seat and backrest

Wrapping it for you!

MedSupply stands as a pioneer in providing medical supplies tailored for long-term care homes. Prioritize safety and ease of maintenance with MedSupply’s Medical hip high chairs at your care home. We have products that are convenient for your usage! Pick aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly options, designed to enhance comfort and ease of use for seniors and caretakers.



**Joint replacement surgery

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