How do you choose the right Bariatric commodes to enhance comfort?


Ensuring accessibility and comfort for larger patients can be tiring for caretakers at long-term care homes. Assisting the bathroom needs of larger patients with limited mobility can be easier with bariatric commodes. Residents incapable of moving independently are dependent on caretakers for their daily needs. However, these portable bariatric toilet equipment are a dignified solution for helping individuals with difficulty standing and sitting.

Caretakers need to be vigilant about their choice of reading the weight-bearing features to ensure the safety of their larger residents. Check out the weight capacity and material design to understand the durability of the bariatric commode. Keep an eye on the body height and weight of the users so that the item you pick would support their needs. Check if the piece you choose for purchase has height adjustment features for enhanced comfort. Further, some bariatric commodes come with in-built handles or armrests that help particularly those with limited mobility.

 Bariatric drop arm commode chairs have removable arms that make transfer onto and off the commode easier.  With Med Supply, you get the Dynarex bariatric drop arm bedside commode - heavy-duty bathroom assist with a heavy weight capacity of 1000 lbs. The drop arm features ensure the patient’s safe lateral transfer and its durable steel heavy-duty construction makes it durable and stable. Besides, you get easy transition features with this bariatric drop arm commode chair. The tri-functional features allow an easy transition to a bedside commode, a raised toilet seat, and a toilet safety frame. The drop-in commode bucket and removable back allow a tool-free assembly. Plus you get a splash guard too. Worried about the height? Its 23.4” wider seat height is adjustable and can be set between 18.5” and 22.5”. So you can adjust according to the user’s needs. 

If you are looking for a similar product with some minimal changes, you get the Drive Medical Deluxe Bariatric drop arm commode: enhanced comfort and accessibility. It comes with a 1000 lbs weight capacity and a durable steel body. The adjustable seat height is 17.5”- 22”. The seat is slightly 25.75” wider accommodating larger residents. Further, the padded armrests allow a comfortable seating position for seniors.  


Dynarex bariatric drop arm bedside commode - heavy-duty bathroom assist

Drive Medical Deluxe Bariatric drop arm commode: enhanced comfort and accessibility

Weight capacity: 1000 lbs

Weight capacity: 1000 lbs

25.5” wider between arms

25.75” wider between arms

Height adjustable between 

18.5” to 22.5”

Height adjustable between 17.5” to 22”

23.4” wider seat

23.25” wider seat


If you are looking for space-saving options, you get foldable bariatric commode chairs. The Dynarex Bariatric foldable bedside commode-heavy-duty portable toilet chair is a great option. Further, a bariatric bedside commode is an exceptional choice for those with limited mobility. 

It is a foldable bariatric commode with a weight capacity of 650 lbs. It has a seat width of 13.6” and a folded width of 8.26”. Further, the tool-free design allows easy transport adding convenience for caregivers. It does not allow a lateral entry for the user as the arms are not drop-type. You get the plastic armrests for added comfort of the user. The drop-in bucket has a handle and splash guard too. Depending on the user's requirements, you can adjust its height between 26” to 32” with height increments of 1”. 

With Med Supply, you also have the Drive Medical Bariatric folding commode: a convenient and space-saving solution. This bariatric commode 650 lb capacity with a space of 24” between the two plastic armrests. The seat is 16.5” deep and is made from plastic and is easy to handle because of its splash-proof cover. If you are looking for simpler options, the Drive Medical Bariatric Deluxe commode: Heavy-duty, adjustable, and comfortable is a perfect choice. With its sturdy powder-coated steel body, it is durable and can support a weight of up to 650 lbs. Its adjustable height features, make it versatile. You can adjust the height between 15.5” to 22”. The large 23” plastic seat is supported by a plastic backrest. The user can have a comfortable seating position. 

Meanwhile, some other bariatric commode chairs vary in the seat design. For example, the seat design varies in shape, some come in elongated seats, like the Bariatric elongated toilet seat riser. Some others have wheels too. You may choose them based on the mobility of the user. 

The Drive Medical Bariatric aluminum rehab shower commode chair: comfortable and sturdy solution, comes with wheels and a versatile 3-in-1 design. Besides, using it as a comfortable, portable toilet seat, you can use it as a shower chair or a standard toilet. The entire setup stands on the locking casters that allow smooth movement for users with limited mobility. The flip-back padded arms, detachable footrests, and backrest ensure a comfortable seating position for the residents. Its wider seat with 22" (W) x 17.1" (H) dimensions can support larger individuals. 

End note!

Choosing a bariatric commode enhances the comfort and independence of residents at your long-term care facility. Relying on caregivers for daily tasks can make it difficult for them by curbing their privacy. Bariatric commodes are wider varieties with options for height adjustability, drop-in arms, space-saving folding type, and chair type with wheels. You may choose the right one based on your requirements.

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