All you need to know to select the right IV pole Canada

IV poles are a miraculous solution for individuals on intravenous administration of fluids or medicine. These come as long, slender metal medical devices with hooks at one end to carry medicine bags. The base at the bottom of the IV pole holds the entire unit upright ensuring proper administration without any hassles. You get benefit by using IV poles in case the long-term facility has residents with any of the following problems:

  • Individuals with chronic health conditions 
  • Those requiring regular administration of medicine or fluids
  • Those with swallowing difficulties or cognitive impairment, and require continuous nutritional or fluid support.

And when you select the IV poles, there are some crucial points that you need to consider. First and foremost, check the IV pole has a stable base and sturdy body. Few models have wheels set up while few don’t have and hence we recommend you to choose according to your requirements. IV poles with wheels help your residents move around in the facility while they are still on medication. However, ensure that the durable base is stable. Another point to keep in mind is that you, look for wheels with locking mechanisms to ensure the safety of your residents. 

We at MedSupply, understand that caretakers are equally concerned about the comfort and safety of their residents. Hence, we recommend the Drive Medical Deluxe IV pole that comes with a 5-wheel base for added stability. The non-breakable, equally spaced 5 composite wheels have the 5 swivel casters. These collectively offer you smooth maneuvering allowing an easy movement across the facility. While the base is crucial to look after, you will also have to check the material that the IV pole is made from. 

Look for standard options that are easy to handle, and can withstand extensive wear and tear. You can choose lightweight materials that are durable and can account for rust resistance. This Drive Medical Deluxe IV pole comes in a chrome-plated steel body and has two hooks. These IV poles come in 4 parts in the shipment and are easy to assemble. All you need to do is to align the pole and base and lock the Hex screw using a lock washer at the base. It’s as simple as such and the sturdy IV pole with a stronger base is ready to bear two packets of fluids with the available two hooks. This IV pole for sale is an economical option and is easier to clean and maintain. 

IV pole

At MedSupply, our options are always diverse and can answer a broader range of problems. You get the Dynarex Deluxe IV poles with height adjustment features.  These offer maximum accessibility and convenience mainly accounting for the locking collar on the chrome-coated steel pole that can provide the slip-free height adjustment feature. The sturdy 5-leg base which is 21.45” wide has 2” wheel casters. With an option of choosing a 2-hook or 4-hook top, this IV pole Canada can bear a maximum weight of up to 45 pounds. It is easy to assemble and handle as well. 

IV pole

If you are looking for the same features with slight variations, the Dynarex IV pole is of rescue. Its powder-coated steel body is easy to clean and maintain and has a locking collar for height adjustment of 46” to 80”. Its 25.35” wider base differs from the Dynarex Deluxe IV poles by having 4 wheels.

IV pole

Below we tabulated the distinguishing features of both the IV poles for a comparitive understanding.

Table title: Comparing features of Dynarex IV pole and Dynarex Deluxe IV pole


Dynarex IV pole

Dynarex Deluxe IV pole


Powder-coated steel with height-adjusting locking collar

Chrome-plated steel with height-adjusting locking collar


25.35” wider base with 4 wheels

21.45” wider base with 5 wheels


Choice of 2 or 4 hook

Choice of 2 or 4 hook

Height adjustment 

Tool-free, and easy-to-handle slip-free collar lock 

Tool-free, and easy-to-handle slip-free collar lock 

Product weight

8.8 pounds

6.67 pounds

In case, you are looking for a simple yet sturdy setup, buy IV pole that is economical and versatile. The Drive Medical Economy IV pole is a great choice for this concern. The weighted base has 4 rubber wheels that offer smooth and maneuverable transport. With this convenient to-handle IV pole, you have the choice of fixing 2 or 4 hook tops, with an easy-to-release pushpin. The chrome-plated steel body has a locking collar that allows a height adjustment of 40” to 82”. Its assembly is tool-free and you don’t need an electrician or hardware worker for this. All you need to do is simply follow the instructions you get with the user manual in the product shipment carton. 

IV pole

Few tips for a mind-choice

  • If you are confused with the body construction of these IV poles, here is a brief gist of it. Having a chrome-plated steel body means that the raw steel is plated with chrome material. This protects the inner steel to enhance durability and prevent corrosion. It is relatively a more economical option when compared to stainless steel.
  • Ensure the IV pole body is cleaned carefully. Keep an eye on the surface of powder-coated chrome on the steel body remains intact. Any chips noticed should be cleared immediately as they can generate rust and harbor infection-causing germs. Being caretakers you already deal with seniors or patients on medicine. Their immunity can already be low and compromise on the cleanliness is risky. 
  • Furthermore, have a clear idea of the weight capacity of the IV pole you choose. Mounting excessive weight greater than the weight capacity of the IV pole can damage it. Some caretakers mount devices like infusion pumps on the IV poles without proper knowledge of the weight capacity. This can lead to tipping of the device and damage to equipment.


Most devices mentioned here carry a lifetime limited warranty. This is subject to the user’s non-interference, or non-negligence. However, the warranty does not apply for rubber accessories, or casters as they are subjected to normal wear and tear in their usage.

Final word for you!

IV poles that are sturdy, versatile, and easy to fix and handle are great supportive equipment for long-term care homes. Having features like height adjustment on the long, slender body and wheels on the wider base is an added benefit. At MedSupply, your concerns are well-understood, and your needs are well-answered, hence we are committed to excellence!

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